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Quality Policy.

We are dedicated to producing flawless products that fully satisfy our customers, continually enhancing our Quality Management System through technological innovation and staff training. We have achieved ISO9001:2008 Certification and are progressing towards the more stringent ISO/TS 16949: 2009 Certification. This involves clear role recognition for all employees and providing necessary training for skill development. Our team is empowered to continuously improve business practices, aiming for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our senior management regularly reviews the system's effectiveness to align with our policy goals, utilizing internal and management reviews through a Management Information System. Quality Objectives are established and assessed during the Business Plan Review, with monthly management reviews to implement actions towards these goals.

Quality Overview.

Our raw materials come from approved suppliers, including those selected by customers. Quality Control is central to our operations, encompassing everything from material sourcing to after-sales service, with a focus on meeting customer specifications and our ethical standards. We maintain high standards for all order sizes, monitoring quality, cost-effectiveness, and delivery timelines to exceed customer expectations. Our two-phase system includes design adherence and a thorough visual inspection for defects, with defective products segregated for analysis and improvement. Lessons learned are reviewed in monthly meetings, leading to corrective actions and selling rejected products to scrap dealers.


Amitron prioritizes customer and vendor relationships, extending beyond part production to include engineering support for product life, from design to manufacturing. We aim for zero customer complaints, responding within 24 hours to issues and, if necessary, replacing products to maintain satisfaction. Our skilled team efficiently manages crises, contributing to project success and fostering long-term relationships.

Our hands-on training and follow-up support enhance project improvements and ensure adherence to production standards.

We optimize processes from raw material sourcing to production, offering technically and financially sound solutions. Leveraging over 20 years of experience in manufacturing tubular components, we provide valuable insights into product design and manufacturing, serving a diverse range of clients from multinational corporations to owner-managed businesses.